Timeless Tracks


“Binari senza Tempo” (Timeless Tracks) is a recent project, thought up by FS Foundation to breathe new life in to 10 spectacular Italian routes thanks to an innovative tourist-oriented formula.

The project focuses on around 600 kilometres of underused track. These lines, which serve little or no purpose to commuter or freight transport, have great potential. One can journey across unique landscapes and discover little known areas, as yet unaffected by mass tourism.

Thanks to a law passed in 2017 on historic railways and promoted by the FS Foundation, these routes now enjoy protected status and are key to re-evaluating the areas they cross, creating an “open-air museum”, a “traveling museum” if you like, - revealing beautiful little towns and amazing landscapes to the onlooker.

The “Binari senza Tempo” project, is poised towards the future: by safeguarding these railways, one can promote hidden Italy and the concept of leisurely and sustainable tourism.

Check out our interactive map on the right.

Name Railway line Reactivation Lenght
The Sebino Line Palazzolo S.O. - Paratico Sarnico 2014 10 km
The Val d’Orcia Line  Asciano - Monte Antico 2014 51 km
Italy's Trans-Siberian Line Sulmona - Carpinone 2014 118 km
The Valley of the Temples Line Agrigento Bassa - Porto Empedocle Succursale 2014 12 km
The Valsesia Line Vignale - Varallo Sesia 2015 51 km
The Tanaro Line Ceva - Ormea 2016 35 km
The Irpinia Line Avellino - Rocchetta S.Antonio Lacedonia 2016 119 km
The Sannio Line Benevento - Bosco Redole 2017 66 km
The Pedemontana Line Sacile - Gemona del Friuli 2018 75 km
The Monferrato Line Asti - Castagnole delle Lanze - Nizza Monferrato 2018 45 km
The Subappennina Italica line Fabriano - Pergola 2021 31 km
The Basso Monferrato line Asti - Chivasso 2022 51 Km
The Murge line Rocchetta S.Antonio Lacedonia - Gioia del Colle 2021 31 km