Digitalization Projects

Digitalization projects

A section of the Foundation’s website is dedicated to the written and documented heritage of the FS Italiane Group and contains documents, technical drawings, photographs and films on the history of Italian railways.

This is an important first step in the wider project of digitalising all the source material conserved by the Foundation and which will be expanded to involve other archival sectors. The aim of the project is to gather together Italy’s largest collection of digitalised information on the history of theh Italian railways.

This innovative digital platform, which is freely available to the public, allows the user to carry out searches across various source material: correspondence, drawings, photographs, films, albums and periodicals in high definition digital format.

Through the Foundation’s archive website you can access:

the Commercial Timetables Archive, which includes every train schedule from 1899 to 2010;

the Architecture Archive, which conserves a collection of more than 13000  drawings related to 700 station projects from the 1930s to the 1970s;

the Photographic Archive, which holds around 60,000 b/w and colour photographs which reflect a cross-section of the history of Italy from the post WWII period to today;

the Video Archive from where over than 150 digitized films in high definition containing newsreels from the past can be retrieved.

The next phase of digitizing the sources from Florence’s Service Material and Traction Drawings Archive is also underway and contains around 1,500 technical drawings of locomotives, multiple units, coaches and wagons. Finally, the first phase of the digital library project has begun and will include the entire collection of the FS Voci della Rotaia periodical (in its various editorial versions) and a selection of albums containing technical drawings illustrating the great design and engineering feats of the Italian railways from the mid 1800s through to the 1980s.