Affiliated and Agreements


Passion and Expertise at the service of Fondazione FS

Retired railway personnel and train enthusiasts are the men and the women who make up those affiliated associations which help make the amazing journeys through time on our historic trains run smoothly.

These associations were already established before the founding of the FS Foundation in 2013. They have been actively collaborating on our initiatives since 2014 and bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience accumulated over many years.

They carry out the routine maintenance and the cleaning of the historic engines and carriages, making sure they are in pristine condition for the many organized trips. They also help out with passenger assistance during the events and often provide anecdotes and little known facts about the train of the day.

The numerous associations that cooperate with us can be found in the table below, listed in order from North to South and the islands.

Associazione Turno C Umbria

historic rolling stocks’ restoration in Squadra Rialzo of Foligno
Associazione Culturale Amici della Ferrovia Le Rotaie Molise administration of Sulmona – Carpinone historic railway, Castel di Sangro rail yard
Associazione Culturale Museo Ferroviario Valsesiano Piedmont they take care of the Novara – Varallo railway heritage, and of the permanent exhibition in Varallo train station showing historic objects and documents of the railway world
Gruppo Ale883 Lombardy administration of Alta Valtellina railway; Tirano’s depot
Associazione FerAlp Team Piedmont they manage FerAlp Museum where are maintained and restored the historic trains
Associazione Ferrovie Kaos Sicily Agrigento Bassa – Porto Empedocle historic railway, Porto Empedocle C.le train station
Associazione Ferrovie Turistiche Italiane Lombardy they take care Basso Sebino railway; Camuna touristic railway; Val d’Orcia railway
Associazione Roma Treno a Vapore Team Lazio (site under maintenance) deals with organization and participation in events; railway modelling expositions
Associazione Rotabili Storici Milano Smistamento Lombardy they take care of Officina Media del Deposito Locomotive Milano Smistamento and of Officina manutenzione veicoli Squadra Rialzo Milano Centrale
Associazione Sarda Treni Storici "Sardegnavapore" Sardinia historic rolling stock's restoration
Associazione Toscana Treni Storici “Italvapore” Tuscany historic Rolling Stocks’ Depot of Pistoia
Associazione Treni Storici Emilia Romagna Adriavapore       Emilia Romagna historic rolling stock's restoration in Bologna C.le locomotive's depot
Associazione Treni Storici Liguria Liguria historic rolling stock's restoration in Santo Stefano di Magra depot
Associazione Treno DOC Sicily historic rolling stocks’ restoration in Palermo locomotives’ depot, promotion and creation of cultural and turistic events
Associazione Veneta Treni Storici Veneto historic rolling stocks’ restoration and maintenance
Associazione Museo-Stazione Trieste Campo Marzio  Friuli-Venezia-Giulia deals with the support for the construction of historic trains and the preservation of the historic infrastructure
Associazione La Carrozza Matta Veneto Historical railway society