Hiring Your Own Train


Over 400 items of which 150 operating in historical rolling stockhave been assigned to the Foundation. They are located nationwide and epitomise the very significant legacy which is testimony to the Group’s uninterrupted technical prowess since 1905.

These precious items of rolling stock are varied and range from billowing steam locomotives to EMUs which were the forerunners to today’s high speed trains, from the first electric locomotives to the legendary “Littorine”, "Centoporte" and "Corbellini" models. Thanks to our in-house expertise in important aspects of industrial archaeology and thanks to the precious contribution of rail enthusiasts societies, the Foundation’s perfectly restored and functioning vehicles can circulate along all Italian routes, with the exception of the high speed lines, allowing one to rediscover forgotten landscapes and unusual itineraries.

Trains can be hired from the FS Foundation for any number of reasons: from birthday celebrations to staging a travelling exhibition, from making movies to organising tourist trips capable of whisking the traveller back in time thanks to our powerful steam locomotives.

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