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19 May 2024

Train with Diesel locomotive, carriages of the 30s "Centoporte", carriages of the 50s "Corbellini" and luggage van - Abruzzo

Ferrovia dei Parchi: l'alto Sangro

Historic train form Sulmona to Castel di Sangro

Bring your bike on board!

Get off the historic train and proceed to your favourite destinations. You can bring your bike for free and placing it in the specially equipped luggage van.

Ask the train manager for more informations.

Other informations

Information and reservation

Agenzia Viaggi e T.O. Pallenium Tourism

mail: (per gruppi e agenzie)
Phone: 0864 950 555

timetables: lun/ven 9.30-13.30 / 16.00-19.00

  • Sulmona

    Departure 08:45

  • Campo di Giove

    Arrival 09:57

    Departure 09:58

  • Palena

    Arrival 10:25

    Departure 11:25

  • Roccaraso

    Arrival 11:44

    Departure 11:45

  • Alfedena-Scontrone

    Arrival 12:04

    Departure 12:09

  • Castel di Sangro

    Arrival 12:20

  • Castel di Sangro

    Departure 17:00

  • Alfedena-Scontrone

    Arrival 17:12

    Departure 17:14

  • Roccaraso

    Arrival 17:48

    Departure 17:49

  • Campo di Giove

    Arrival 18:20

    Departure 18:21

  • Sulmona

    Arrival 19:00

  • timeless_train

  • steamboat

  • bus

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